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“ Dr. Daniel shows care & concern for how all of his patients are feeling and doing. Braden is great as office manager & doing muscle work. Super friendly yet professional atmosphere.”

S.H. -April 2019

“ I couldn't be any happier with the folks at DBH. From my initial consult (with the no obligation, free x-rays) to the coordinating of the treatment plan, all the way to the final x-rays to see my progress. I was initially skeptical of chiropractic work, but I'm more than glad to say that I've been off prescribed pain medicine for months now, I'm sleeping better, and feeling overall a much better physically fit person. I lead an active lifestyle. From training police dogs, to avidly snowboarding, to jiu jitsu competitions, o getting ready to debut at American Ninja Warrior. I haven't felt this good since I was a high school athlete. The icing on the cake, other than the positive results, is the fact that the staff are friendly, professional, and courteous. Dr. Dan and his staff at DBH Chiropractic are phenomenal.”

C.S. -April 2019

“ The team at DBH provides the best customer experience I have ever had before! They treat you like family, always remembering your name, making time for you, and just sharing life with you. Dr. Daniel is so amazing. He took the time to explain the treatment he recommend based on my FREE exam and x-rays. As someone who hates being touched, he has always made me feel comfortable getting treatment. He even makes great recommendations for out of the office pain management, Brayden, Katie, and Bailey are all helpful, attentive, and so personable. My neck and back symptoms have greatly improved and almost disappeared since starting treatment a few months ago. I would recommend these guys to everyone I could!”

T.A. -March 2019

“ VERY Friendly and knowledgeable staff. They made me feel comfortable in their facility and I felt like they really took their time with me to figure out what was going on with my back and helping me fix it. ”

S.F. -March 2019

“ I have been visiting DBH for the last year and cannot recommend them enough. I came in to address a combat sport-related injury and Dr. Daniel is the first chiropractor I have worked with that really took the time to understand the unique complexities of fighting trauma and worked with me to create a unique treatment set to address not only the injury I had come in for but to relieve other high strain areas and prevent future issues. I have recommended him to everyone at my gym and will be returning the next time I need treatment.”

C.M. -February 2019

“ When I first arrived in Colorado Springs, I had temporarily been sleeping on an air mattress for 2 weeks. My back was a mess and it hurt to even walk up the stairs. I went to see Dr. H. after reading reviews and after a recommendation from my son. I am sooooo glad I did! Dr. H. and his staff are the nicest people and I felt so much better! I have recently left Colorado Springs and already I miss them and so does my back. I highly recommend this practice - you will feel so much better and be treated incredibly well.”

B.C. -January 2019

“ I came here with a bad sprain and had two weeks to get back in working condition (I’m a hairstylist and the use of my wrist and hands are vital to my job). Dr. Daniel helped me so much! In two weeks I have a full range of movement and improved strength. He’s also helped with my back and posture. They gave me my first visit for free, including my X-rays, adjustment, and multiple therapy sessions. The office is clean, comfortable and doesn’t smell like a doctor’s office! The staff is always kind and in good spirits. They put up with my complaining and attitude so well (lol) Would highly recommend! Thanks, Dr. Daniel, Braden, and Brandi.”

C.M. -December 2018

“ Dr. Daniel, Brayden, Shelby, and Bailey are all magnificent people! Dr. Daniel and his staff treat me like a person. I am not just another case, complainer, or statistic. They will get to know you, ask about the kids, the husband, your weekend. Dr. Daniel remembers everything, about everyone. He is currently treating my kids, in addition to myself, and he remembers their names, their interests, and he jokes around with them so they are comfortable. This office is full of amazing people with big hearts, always smiling, and striving to exceed the expectations of everyone who walks through the door. Do yourself a favor and go see Dr. Daniel for help with your pains and discomfort. He will help you and will not make you feel bad about needing help.”

E.W. -November 2018

“ I have NEVER seen any medical practitioner care as much about their patients as Doctor Daniel. He truly wants to help every single person who walks through his doors. The staff is amazing. They will remember your face, you are never just another patient or paycheck to them, you are family. If you're looking for a great chiropractor, go see Doctor Dan, you won't regret it!”

M.S. -October 2018

“ I have only been a handful of times so far & already feel better: mentally and physically. Dr. Daniel really cares about his patients, and Brayden and Shelby are awesome as well. The 3 of them make a great team! It is refreshing to see the Doc jump in and answer the phone when needed. He has put together a treatment plan for me with high hopes for sustained relief in the near future. (fibromyalgia, TMJ, stenosis)”

E.W. -September 2018

“ My husband has been to a lot of Chiropractors. Due to his line of work he often needs adjustments etc. This clinic is by far his favorite. He has been going for a few months now as he is trying to realign his hips. In our opinion, DHB Chiropractic is extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled. The first appointment is free and they even xrayed him for an accurate diagnosis. May I add that this was on a SUNDAY! I found them because they were one of the only local clinics open and it was an emergency. At the time he had dislocated some ribs which had become extremely painful after a number of hours. Upon going to the clinic it was almost immediate relief for him. The people are very personable and friendly too. Excellent customer service. Absolutely check them out!!”​

A.G. -August 2018

“ Dr. Heuser does AMAZING work for me and it's at a great price. He also has the best hours of anyone in town. He's the only Chiropractor open late & on weekends. You're missing out if you don't come to see him.”​

K.C. -July 2018

“ This was the best chiropractor I have ever been too! I was having some sciatic nerve pain issues before I came out to Colorado. I was seeing a chiropractor in KC I went to his office 5 times last week. This guy took X-RAYs of my issue and really explained what was going on with my spine. Then he devised a plan of treatment based on the facts. This man also gave me this for free. I can happily say that he knows what he is doing. Staff was friendly, they gave me some muscle treatment and knew how to make me feel at home. Currently, my pain has decreased.”​

D.S. -July 2018

“ I am a training Olympic athlete in the sport of Shotgun Shooting. After moving to Colorado Springs in the fall of 2016 I started working with Dr. Daniel. He has helped me achieve my goals and aspirations in my sport. The staff at DBH Chiropractic is always friendly and professional. I would highly recommend DBH Chiropractic to any of my friends and family.”​

D.R. -June 2018

“ Clean, beautiful, and modern interior. Braden and Dr. Daniel are wonderful at their jobs and know-how to be social and make the clients comfortable.”​

J.W. -May 2018

“ Very impressed with this office! Dr. Daniel is great. Very attentive and only cares about your health and well being. Does what is necessary without any frivolous charges. Nice to walk out of there feeling like you got your money's worth! Not to mention how amazing I felt physically leaving there! Do yourself a favor and don't go anywhere but to DBH chiropractic.”​

J.J. -April 2018

“ Dr. Daniel and his staff are all amazing. They have helped me tremendously with my neck pain and headaches. Also one of the best things is that they are open on Saturdays and Sundays which makes it so much easier to make it to my appointments! I highly recommend!!!”​

D.W. -April 2018

“ This is the first chiropractor that talked to me about the mind-body connection. Very interesting and effective. I can attest to the improved mobility and natural pain relief. Highly recommend!”​

N.H. -March 2018

“ We discovered Dr. Daniel this weekend when I was in a lot of pain. I am so thankful he was available (when most chiros are closed) and managed to bring me relief! They are extremely attentive and caring. Highly recommend!”​

J.S. -March 2018

“ 16 years of back, hip, and neck pain have greatly improved in only a couple months of treatment. The staff is very helpful and communicates well, DR Daniel explains everything he’s doing as well as a future treatment. I’ve honestly been afraid to see Chiropractors in the past, but coming here is definitely the highlight of my week! I highly suggest their services and treatment.”​

M.S. -March 2018

“ Great office just getting started. Dr. Daniels took the time to explain the treatment he was recommending based on my x-rays, tells me how I'm progressing after each visit, and I feel better after each adjustment. Braden, his assistant, is competent, engaging, and always fun to talk to while one machine or other is trying to loosen my stiff back. Brandy has strong hands and a gentle touch, just the right combination to relax my neck. I look forward to my visits as much for the entertaining social time as for the therapy. Highly recommend.”​

R.R. -March 2018

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